Salty Sweat Taste

Oh baby! We're melting down in the concrete jungle. The sun seems to be planning to burn our hairy heads off, I feel like sweating the ink from my tattoos. If you like sweaty burning and dirty sex you'll be enjoying yourself like a heroin junkie getting his dose. It's time for icy cold showers! Rock 'n' Roll.

The WastedYouthSociety Crew

2 comentarios:

nomejodastyler dijo...

No has ido a cojer sitio en algun bar con pantalla plana para ver como a la gente le sale su vena patriota y suelta lindesas x la boca??
Porke yo SI voy jajajajajaja!!

WastedYouthSociety dijo...

España pa los patrioticos!Preferimos el after party! JAJAJAJAJA