Tobbaco Junkies!

Contrast makes the world a new thing everyday, that's what I always thought and I'm still thinking about it without a clear answer. I often look at the people while they are walking alone, they stare at you and you stare at them and all you can see in their eyes is the same old tobacco adicction, the same template of acting for each known happening they could experience, the same way of understanding the world around them, same goals resting too far away from their hands, they know they're fucked up but they're scared of moving a finger to solve it, getting near everyday to the standar... Slowly forgetting the joy of being less influenced by the masses and start to move like ants in a qeue in order to take a stairway to death, mental and creative death.
Dont feel scared of thinking, dont be scared of creating, dont be scared of laughing, joking and doing whatever you want at least for a couple of hours a day.
I use to feel small but when I look at their eyes I feel bigger everyday!

The WastedYouthSociety Crew

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