Rip and Ruin

I believe I'm only human,I will rip and I will ruin,I believe nothing can stop me.No way - no God, no army. I believe my premonition.No desire, no position.No time left for wishful thinking cause we're not strong, the clock keeps ticking.I'll try not to look over my shoulder cause even the sun gets boring. We need the children's stories
Everybody wake up, don't say it's over.
Be free, be blessed
Get more, give less
I believe I am a target, I believe I'm a target market, I believe the bottle's thinking I'll never make it...
But at least I tried
Cause in the end there's nothing don't hold your breath cause no one's coming.

The WastedYouthSociety Crew

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legi dijo...

seguro que esta gente no se coge una gripe en canarias en plenos mes de abril ;)