Dread The Night

I'm lying with my back to the floor,
I ain't ever been in so much pain before,
If I said I wasn't scared I'd be a fucking liar,
My body's burning like it's on fire

Sweating like I ain't before,
First it was a cold, now it's a fever for sure,
Forget singing I can barely speak,
I think I'm fucking dying, I can't breathe

And I want to be,
Anyone in the world but me
Trapped in the body of a man defeated,
I am the shame of mistakes repeated

There will be no more grey,
We have finished digging the grave,
We are the new black,
And we're as serious as a heart attack.

I dread the night-Gallows

The WastedYouthSociety Crew

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Anónimo dijo...

ya llega el buen tiempo, las flores se rinden al sol, y hectorin seacuesta enel floor de su casa! (8)